In the Hawai’ian language, there are few words with more embodied love and appreciation than the word for thank you: Mahalo.

From the early game testers….






To the folks who helped us raise startup funds through a Kickstarter campaign…

To those who helped us make it go viral…

…GBO Hawai’i would never have become a reality without our wonderful friends, who we like to call Green Economy Superstars!

A very special mahalo to:
Danielle Garland (pictured, top right), Dr. Namrata Patel, Dan Heffernan, Shanah Trevenna, Elyse Peterson, David Anderson, Nick Aster, Jen Boynton, Brian Back, Carol McClelland, Kate Bell, and Nicole Fisher

In addition, perhaps a thousand people contributed ideas, feedback, suggestions, witty remarks, good-natured heckles, time, and money. In no particular order:

Stuart Coleman, Patricia & Frank Devaney, Joe Evangelista, Jordan Wilson, Marc Uhlmann, Kirsten Moller, Stuart Candy, Michael Kramer, Ken Riches, Chris Hurwitz, Sara Moore, the Botar-Keshavjee family, Eleonora Sharef, Alfred Huang, Orion Walker, Kim Ryle, Vinita Goyal, Paul Maples, Thom Harrison, Jacqueline Arnoldy, Mary Spadaro, Kate Drefke, Bill Barber, Kevin Vaccarello, Neha Mandhani, Debi Melzer, Alex Porpora, Susan Cox, Holly D’Agostino, Susan August, Ken Trevenna, Paul Javier, Brant Rotnem, Peter Boumenot, Dan O’Shea, Toby Cowen, Eve Cowen, Michelle Sheldon, Kyle Crider, Wasseem Emam, Abby Rubinson, Kevin Danaher, Elcid Vergara, Jennifer Schwab, Cathy Curtis, Adam Werbach, Vikash Singh, Elizabeth Dunne, Shari Rosenzweig, Linda Durr, Stewart Rassier, Jenna Long, Audrey Khuner, Bronson Chang, Ivory McClintock, Jessica Higgins, Chris Akin, Leeann Holley, Kat Broeckelmann and Mike Hardy.

A huge heartfelt mahalo nui loa to everyone!


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