For those of you who still have an original GBO Hawai’i board game, bought prior to May 2012, you might want to consider the upgrade. It’s free! Just email info at and tell us where to mail your upgrade.

If not, and you prefer to play as is, there are three game play options: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. (the 2.0 version is much simpler and only has one game play option…just FYI)

For setup and game play, please watch the short videos below.

Setting up the game (Beginner Version):

How to play the game (Beginner Version):


Setup and play in the Intermediate version (assuming you’ve watched the Beginner already):


Setting up the Advanced Game (assuming you’re like me, never read rules, and jump immediately to the most challenging part of the game, these videos reiterate a lot of what was said in the beginner and intermediate videos…a good refresher regardless…):

How to play the game (Advanced):

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