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do you just love rubbing it in when you beat your friends at Scrabble? ­čÖé

GBO Hawaii is a great game for a tournament-style get together. Since the idea of the game is that the best triple bottom line return on investment wins, players can be ranked within a game to determine a winner, but they can ALSO be ranked across games to determine an overall winner. Tournaments can be just a fun get-together for a group of people, team-building exercises, or a fundraiser for green non-profits.


Looking for strategic tips for an upcoming tournament? Click on the image above!


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  1. […] Scott also shared a photo from a tournament that they ran with the game in Honolulu. They did this as a fundraiser with some prizes donated by local green companies and are happy to work with other non-profits or student organizations to organize similar fundraising tournaments. […]

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