GBO Hawai’i is now available as a card game!

If you already have a GBO Hawai’i board game, you can easily adapt your GBO Hawai’i board game to become a card game that is more portable, easier to learn, faster to play, and almost as much fun as the original! 🙂 If you don’t have the game yet and want to start with the card game, you can pick one up here for $15, and later upgrade to the board game by purchasing the rest of the components!




Here’s how to turn your GBO Hawai’i board game into a card game (and how to turn it back when you want to play the board game again):

And here’s some instructions to play the card game:

Have the card game and want to buy the rest of the board game?

Purchase the rest of the cards, the board, player pieces, and the rest of the GBO Hawaii board game here.

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