Like in Monopoly, players of GBO Hawaii invest in businesses to make money and win the game. But very much unlike Monopoly, money alone does not win. Players must invest in sustainable businesses that not only make them money but also help improve the health and environment of the beautiful island state of Hawaii. It’s what is referred to as a “Triple Bottom Line” approach (People, Planet, Profit).

GBO Hawaii, which can be played as either a board game or a card game, engages players in 6 main industries, showcasing an economic transition to a new, sustainable economy. One of the industries, Hawaii’s biggest, is tourism.

In the game, public policy plays a part. If you’re actively investing in ecotourism throughout the game, and then the state creates a policy to promote ecotourism in a new ad campaign, your businesses would probably do well, right? And that’s exactly what happens in the game.

There are also random events in the game, and at times, these do not help businesses. The world’s oceans are full of plastic, and the biggest accumulation of plastic junk (called the Pacific Gyre, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch), is not far from Hawaii, and in the game, there is a card that showcases what would happen if the weather shifts and the garbage starts really piling up on Hawaii’s beaches. It would not bode well for tourism businesses!


The way GBO Hawaii works is that you are an investor. You align your investment money with human resources that have certain skillsets for the new sustainable economy, and together, you get new, green businesses off the ground.

Here are a few example business property cards from the game. Think of these like Boardwalk and Park Place, only a lot cooler.









Also, here is the entrepreneur Resource Card you’d need in the game to invest in ecotourism businesses:










So what do you think? Ready to try the game? Check out our 1 minute intro video here, and pick up your copy today! The card game is sold separately and you can always upgrade to the board game later….or just get the 2-in-1 combo and save a few bucks. Have fun!

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